Other Sectors


The extracted gypsum is crushed and fine grinded before being mixed and cooked. The classical process uses a vertical balls and rings mill. Manoir Saint-Brieuc offers a choice of different steel grades and hardnesses.







The ballast cleaning machine removes and replaces the ballast with an excavating chain.

Manoir Saint-Brieuc manufactures and assembles these chain components. The links are casted in special high performance steels.


Manoir Saint Brieuc manufactures wear parts for:

  • Hammer mills
  • Horizontal ball mills
  • Pendulum roller mills

Manoir Saint-Brieuc proposes different steel grades and can improve the parts design. Finally Manoir Saint-Brieuc wear parts improve the profitability of the workshop through reliability, longevity and cost per ton produced.




For good combustion fine coal particles are required. Vertical mills are commonly used for this application:

Manoir has experienced the main standard for these applications for many years.

  • Hollow balls (with possibility to clog the core holes to avoid any flattening effect in operation)
  • Upper or lower grinding rings




The dredging industry uses pump casings and impellers for the maintenance of ports or rivers. Smaller slurry pumps can also be used in mines and quarries.
These applications require low or high - chromium alloyed casings and impellers.

Manoir Saint-Brieuc wear parts improve the profitability of the operation through reliability, longevity and cost.