Extracted from the quarry, limestone and clay are crushed, grinded and mixed to become cement after fine grinding.
Different grinding technologies are used:   

  • Impact crushers   
  • Toothed roller mills   
  • Autogenous  ball mills
  • Vertical mills

Manoir Saint-Brieuc is the specialist in the casted wear parts for these mills.

The expertise of Manoir Saint-Brieuc

Manoir Saint -Brieuc offers a range of special steel grades for these applications: for example, SM601 ( formerly BCR6 ), SM051 (formerly CMX500) or 30SB.

Manoir Saint-Brieuc has the capacity to analyze wear issues of its customers, by offering more resistant parts than originals thanks to our R&D department.

Manoir Saint-Brieuc also developed a range of standard models: lifting and classifying liners for 1st and 2nd chamber. Manoir Saint-Brieuc is also a major supplier for clinker extracting chains.