Mineral Industry

From Iron ore, to liquid steel … from Bauxite to Aluminium … from clay to refractory Brick … from phosphate mine to fertilizer … from clay to ceramic… Manoir Saint-Brieuc makes the material live. Manoir Saint-Brieuc supplies the main transforming processes of raw materials :

  • Ore excavation
  • Crushing
  • Milling
  • Conveying


Manoir Saint-Brieuc recommends adapted alloys according to working conditions, high shock or abrasive resistant, magnetic alloys for crushing of specific raw materials. We help the user toward the most economical and performing alloys.  
Kind of products provided by Manoir Saint-Brieuc :

Apron feeder, Bucket Teeth, Slurry pumps, jaws, mantles and bowl liners for Crushers, Mill cylinders, rings and grinding rollers, wear plates, liners, Blow Bars, Pump Casings, track shoes…..